Thinking with your pink is hard.


Before you start we want to let you know a lot beginners mistakes. If you're already an experienced digital artist, you don't need to read this.

Tips for drawings

That's not how to do it!
That's not how to do it!
Don't post unfinished doodles or 'tests' .
Your drawing will be saved before you publish it. If you don't feel like finishing your drawing, you can make it available for collabs or pass it to someone else. You can also practise in the paintchat. There are not many rules.

Don't start too big.
Most beginners start with simple drawings, which results in something that looks unfinished if it's too big, or too much empty space around a very small character. So, simple drawings are best with a small canvas.

Spend time on your drawing.
Mostly 20 minutes is enough to make something presentable. If you spend time on your drawing, even if you think you're finished, you'll learn to find mistakes and things that could be better. Just wait a bit before you publish your drawing and you'll learn to improve.

Don't touch airbrush, watercolor, dodge and burn!
We experienced if beginners use this, the result is seldom good. Too messy. We recommend to start with pen or pencil and eventually use airbrush or watercolor after it, so you'll have a solid background.

Don't use too bright colours
Many beginners like to pick a colour in the corner of the colour picker. Don't use this, it screams too much. But subtle use of it can work well.

coloring pages need time too.
Coloring pages are good for practise, but, those need time too.

"I love anime and manga!"
It's a very popular style, but we recommend to try out other styles as well. Also, before you can do any style you have to be able to draw from reference. References are the start to become a good artist.

"I want to draw or animate an eye."
Eye drawings and blinking animations are done way too often and are most of the time not interesting to see. Also, never start with drawing eyes when you draw a face. Start with the shape of the face first!

"I can't draw shadows."
Yes, you can. Just practise and don't be afraid. Also don't be afraid to use a much darker colour. Eventually draw the shadows from reference. We also recommend to use a slightly different colour.

Animating text
We don't see animated text as real art. Unless you do something really interesting with it. But start with characters when you animate.

Save your drawings.
Old drawings will be automatically deleted from the site. So save them on your computer too.


Please read the FAQ before asking a question!
It's very annoying for the members to answer the same questions over again when they don't even need to be answered.

If you used a reference for your drawing, we want to see it too, so link to your reference if possible.

"Poop, #@! I hate everyone" and such...
You're banned!

"I love my drawing!"
Most beginning people who say this are not really good. You need to be critical for yourself to become a good artist. And after that, you may be proud of yourself.

The edit button.
You can edit your text with the little pencil button on the right of your name/post. So you don't have to double post.

Bad grammar and spelling.
It's not comfortable to read people's text with bad spelling, these people seem dumber too. To help you, you can press "preview" before posting, so you can see if your spelling is correct.

Don't post your art in someone else's topic.
If you want to show your drawings in the forum, create your own topic.

Don't post links to images, but upload them.
We don't want to click on a link and we don't want the image to dissappear, so uploading them to the site is best. On the bottom right of writing a forum post there is an upload button.

What's komkommer, knoflook etc?

More useful information

This is it! If you need to know more, take a look here:

FAQ (frequently asked questions)
How does Shi-painter work?
How does Chibipaitn work?

Good luck and have fun!