Stop teh hate!

guys i legit ate concrete on accident and like im like legit scared like oh my dog oomfie im literally going into cardiac arrest

25 Nov 2021 05:15
very unfortunate yall but i was helping renovate a friends house and i legit fell on wet mf concrete and it has been like 5 hours but i am still mentally confused (unrelated from eating concrete probably, but) because yall i cannot bear the fact that i really just went all goofy goofy by slipping on the concrete like dang broski really stupid mf gonna go to the thanksgiving party and reno gonna be like "can you pass the ham??" and they're all gonna look at me stupid like "haha no you dont. you want 10-15% portland mixed in with 15-20% water and 65-75% aggregates? dont you? dont you? stupid"

25 Nov 2021 05:19
i think im good tho