What's worse? A rabbit growing from your shoulder or a guinea pig under your foot?


What can I do with an Oekaki.nl account?
- Create oekaki drawings, save and edit them.
- Create animations, save and edit them.
- Edit your profile and show your personality.
- Create polls in the forum.
- Vote on drawings.
- Collect coins for such as a pet or bigger canvas.
- Join contests and other activities.
- Earn medals.

I'm new!
Then read the tips for beginners

Do I get my own homepage?
If you donate you can get your own homepage. The adres will be yourname.oekaki.nl of yourname.senile.nl and then you can put together your own site.
But ask Roel for details first.

I lost my password, what now?
If you filled your e-mail in your profile, you can ask for a new one here. If not, then you have bad luck!


What are coins?
Coins are automatically given to active members. You can use them to buy something fun! Click on the coin next to your avatar to see what you can buy with them.

How do I get coins?
By posting comments and drawings. You get extra coins for drawings where you did your best on, for starting a popular forum thread or/and by contribute to the site.

Note: misuse will be punished! So don't try to earn coins with met empty posts or meaningless doodles, because then you can lose all your coins.


How works Shi-Painter / Chibipaint?
The answer is in these tutorials:

How can I make a collab?
Start a drawing. When it's time to pass it on, upload the drawing. In the menu you will see an option to pass it to someone else.

Where did my drawing go?
Er zijn meerdere verklaringen mogelijk:

1. Your drawing is old and has been automatically removed to make place for new drawings.

2. You drawing is waiting for a moderator to accept it.

2. Sometimes drawings will be removed from the site. The reason is usueally the very bad quality of the drawing, or because of their mature content.
If your drawing is removed, it has been done with a good reason and it is not in question.

Why do I have to wait for my drawing to be accepted by a mod?
To prevent people spam drawings people don't really like, it's possible a moderator made you the status 'beginner'. This means the moderators will help you improve before publishing your drawings. If you're good enough you'll be removed from the beginner status and you don't have to wait for moderators anymore.

What's "animation" under some drawing I see?
If you click this, you can see the progress of the drawing. Very handy if you want to learn or are curious.

I made a mistake! Can I get my drawing back?
A moderator can send a drawing back, but don't wait too long to ask a mod and don't ask too often.


What are moderators and what do they do?
Moderators are special members who maintain the site and they can help you with problems.

What moderators can do:
- remove, send back and resize drawings.
- look in the trash and send drawings back from the trash if needed.
- change or add names of artists.
- edit text and profiles
- upload drawings from the pc to the site.
- lock drawings and forum threads.
- ban people who misbehave or kick people from the paintchat.
- remove accounts
- edit amount of coins.

Who are the moderators?
Next to permanent moderators there is a montly moderator too. If you do your best you can be one of them!

Permanent moderators:

If you have problems or questions, don't hesitate to talk to them!

Drawing tablet

A Wacom Volito
A Wacom Volito
What is a tablet?
A tablet is a device to make drawing on the computer much easier. You use a pressure sensitive pen instead of a mouse. Thanks to pressure sensitivity you can variate easily with line thickness and transparency.

Can I use my tablet in oekaki?
Yes, with Shi-painter and chibipaint. Download the Jtablet plug-in first. When you installed the plugin, you can active it in Shi-painter by pressing the "P".
For Blush you need this plugin, but it only works with tablet from the brand Wacom!

How do I get a tablet?
You can buy a tablet in an art shop, computer shop, or of course on the internet. The best brand is Wacom.

There are many kinds of tablet in different sizes. Which size is the best for you, depends on how you move. Do you draw mainly from your fingers or wrist, then A6 is probably big enough. If you also use your elbows or shoulders, a bigger size could be better for you. But bigger than A4 is not recommended.

Bigger is not necessary better, but with a bigger one you have less chance to get RSI, so it can be worth to spend a more money on it.

Text layout

Can I use HTML code in my posts?
No, that's not allowed. Instead, there are other option available. The code is as follows:
[font color="red"]coloured[/font]

The result:

How do I place links in my post?
If you type the full adress, it will become automatically a link. You can also use url tags. With that you can present your links better:

If you link to a page within the site, you don't need to type the full adress. Example:

How to quote?
[quote]Bla bla bla[/quote]

Hoe do I place a text under an image?
[img frame=1 title="peer"]att:4563[/img]


How do I place a thumbnail of an image?
[thumb width=100 height=30]att:31969[/thumb]


How do I show text without layout?
Use this code:
[code]No formatting[/code]

Technical problems

My drawing doesn't load/acts weird.
Here are some possible solutions:
  • Restart your browser or computer
  • Try another browser (for example Firefox, Opera)
  • You can use the 'undo' option to restore your drawing from an autimatic backup.
  • If you saved your drawing (and the animation/layers) on your computer, send this to a moderator. He/she can upload the drawing for you. Note: if you don't have the file but just the drawing, it's possible you can't use layers anymore.

Don't use more than 3 layers, it's often too much. Also use a proper browser. Opera and Firefox are the best.

You can take a screenshot of your drawing by pressing "print screen" on your keyboard. After that you can paste it in an image program and save it.

I can't draw in Oekaki.
You probably have no Java (don't confuse it with javascript) installed, or it's turned off. (In case of Blush you're probably using the wrong browser.) Click the link below and if needed, reinstall Java again. It also happens Java stops working after an update. In that case completely remove the old Java from your computer and try to install the new one again via the link below.

If that doesn't work, try another browser (For example Firefox, Opera...), or choose another program.

If I draw, my line doesn't appear, how is that possible?
Try to zoom in and zoom out a couple of times. Most of the time that works.

I can't draw.
That's not a technical problem, just practise some more!

I can't upload an image in the forum
Your image is probably too big (in bytes of in pixels), or the file format is wrong. Save your images as gif, jpg or png. If the picture is bigger than 1600x1200, make it smaller.

The paintchat doesn't work.
You're probably using the wrong software or you turned off javascript. The Paintchat works in Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari.

Animaki doesn't work.
Same as above.

Escargot doesn't work.
This is the only program that works only with Internet Explorer.
Before you start drawing you will get the question if you want to install an activeX control. With the standard settings, IE will refuse to install because it doesn't recognise it. Go to security preferences and look for the option "download unsigned activeX controls", change to "prompt".

I need to login over again, although I said I wanted to stay logged in.
Possible causes:
- You're on another computer or other place everytime.
- The date/time of computer is incorrect.
- You turned off cookies in your browser.
- You don't use the same adress to visit the site (like oekaki.nl and www.oekaki.nl)

I have another problem.
Send a mail to Roel, or ask your question in the forum "The technical friend".


Can everyone come to a meeting?
Yes, even members who barely visit the site. Of course, banned people are banned from meetings too.

I do want to come, but I don't have the courage!
You can bring someone with you you know. This person doesn't have to be a member of Oekaki.nl .

It's too far away!
You can always propose a meeting for your area in the meeting forum.

Can everyone organize a meeting?
Meetings are discussed with the group, but you can always make a suggestion in the forum.

Don't cancel on the last moment.
It's a disappointment and it brings down the mood.

Is it save?
It's save if you follow this:
  • Only go to the meetings discussed in the forum.
  • If you don't know anyone yet, meet everyone in a public place.
  • Let your people at home know where you are.